Reverse Aging? Is that a Thing?

If you're curious about all the hype surrounding the term "Reverse Aging" then you're in the right place. We will cover a myriad of examples and delve into this intriguing fad that is quickly becoming the new buzz word about the town.

What is Aging?

Before we get into all the aspects of reversing aging we first have to understand the meaning of aging. The Webster's Dictionary lists aging as being "the process of growing old". Now, with that being said, that's a pretty broad and general statement. Right?

It's true that you're chronological age ticks away hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, the same as mine. The same as you're next door neighbor and the same as you're brother or sister. So, lets examine the root cause of aging. Well, the root cause of aging is being born! That's right... the second you were born you were aging. It's inevitable if you are to be a human on this planet. WE ALL AGE! 


My take on Reverse Aging

So, now let's look at several areas being talked about on the Reverse Aging front. The first of which is to probe what is "actually" meant by the term Reverse Aging. Well, what most people are referring to is how graceful you age. Face it, we are a vain people. We want to look young, we want to feel young, and we want to STAY YOUNG!



So, to most people Reverse Aging is the pursuit to use, try, or buy anything that will gain you a shot, no matter how small, to look and feel youthful. This can be anything from supplements, to diets, to excercise, to reducing stress, to specialized products. We want to try it all.


Most of the time we are disappointed, but once in a while there is something that comes along that gives us pause.

Makes us really think, WoW! that's fantastic. Let's explore a few. Obviously, we can't stop our internal clock, but there are many things that can be done to slow it down. Things like preventing age-related diseases, reducing stress, regular exercise, protection from the sun, taking supplements, and altering you're diet.


Diets to Reverse Aging


Let's start with your diet. So, there are some widely held opinions that there are certain foods that will help to stall the aging process. Foods like salmon or fish.

 They contain great sources of protein necessary to maintain and repair the body on a cellular level. They also have high anti-inflammatory properties in the omega 3 essential fatty acids they provide. This keeps you're brain functioning at optimal levels.e are some widely held opinions that there are certain foods that will help to stall the aging process.


Let's talk about Green Foods. These include vegetables such as barley and wheat grass that contain high levels of phytonutrients that detoxify the body and help with cholesterol,

blood pressure and immunity. It also carries chlorophyll which inhibits disease bacteria.Another food on the list is beans and lentils. These are considered a super food due to the high fiber content. They are very low-glycemic and will not cause a rise in you're blood sugar. They are also an anti-inflammatory and keeps you fuller longer.

One of my favorites is next, that would be olives and extra virgin olive oil. A great source of fat and also aids in overall cell health. Olive oil helps to absorb omega-3's and other vitamins and nutrients.I could go on and on. As you can see there are many benefits from a diet high in essential nutrition to keep you're body healthy and give you continued longevity.

Exercising to Reverse Aging

Let's look at exercise as a way to reverse aging. There has been some research that has been done to prove that increased physical activity can slow the aging process of our cells. They do caution that it should be done regularly for maximum benefit. 30 minutes 5 times per week has shown to slow biological aging and also retain muscle mass.

Recommended activities include Tai Chi, lifting weights, walking, and stretching. All of these activities can turn back the clock on aging and prolong you're life significantly. Suggested activities to avoid would be excessive cardio, crosfit, and crunches as these are high impact and can damage older muscles and joints.

Supplements for Reverse Aging

Another great area to explore for reverse aging are the supplements that we can take to dramatically slow down the aging process.

There are many ways to cheat the clock and reverse the aging process. The bottom line is to find something that works for you and stick with it. Some of the more well-known supplements are classed as anti-aging or told that they support to healthy aging are some of the more common that you've probably already heard of.


Turmeric is probably the most well-known anti-aging supplement because it slows aging by activating certain proteins and protects cellular damage.

Green tea is also known for a compound called EGCC. This is said to reduce the risk of certain cancers and also heart disease.

There are also benefits from using topical products that are applied to the skin to rejuvenate cell health. Things like vitamin C and Reservatrol. Both powerful antioxidants but also reduce inflammation and increase life span. Same with Retinol. It's effective by increasing you're skin cell turnover. These also diminish fine lines and fade dark spot making a more youthful look.




There are many things we can do to slow down the appearance of aging. Whether it be diet, exercise, supplements, or topical products we can agree that living a healthier lifestyle is something we should all do and the ultimate goal of reversing aging can be achieved. And of course there is the opinion that being happy also contributes to your longevity. The phrase "You're only as young as you feel" is so true. Being silly and having fun can also make you feel years younger. 

Some other contributing factors in feeling young is being in love, having a belief in a higher power, or being surrounded by family. All of which can make you feel uplifted and happy to be at any age and gives you great reasons to extend your life by using products that help you reverse your aging naturally.


Also, a big key factor to looking younger is limiting sun exposure without a sun screen. 80% of the damage we do to our skin is self-inflicted. Sun, stress, diet, smoking, etc. Eliminating these things is also essential to prolonging you're life and looking and feeling younger. So, get out there find the things that work for you. And happy aging!

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Thanks and have a blessed day.


I'm a 57-year-old Gramma of 13 grand kids!


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There is definitely a lot we can do to slow down the process of aging or as you call it reverse aging. Most of it is common sense like eating well, exercising and watching how much time we spend in the sun. If I look around, people nowadays definitely look a lot younger than they did in my grand Mother’s Day. It could also be a more positive mindset towards aging. 


  • Yes! You are correct. Thank you for the comment. I think there is a lot more understanding and as you say common sense now a days to try to combat aging than there was in the past. Reverse aging is a new term for this generation, but the principles are the same as they have ever been. And to recognize that we can be in charge of how we age is awesome. Thanks again!


Hey Sandi, I just wanted to say that your article asking reverse aging, is that a thing was kind of eye opening for me. I have experienced many of the effects of aging by this time of life in my fifty-third year but I had never considered the idea of reverse aging, at least in the sense you talk about it here.

I agree with your point about us being vain to the core and I think that’s what has led so many people to have cosmetic surgeries that turn out so bad.

Do you think it is possible to have better results through diet, exercise and supplements than the typical results we see from plastic surgery or even botox? Oh man, how my wife loves botox!


Hi! Yes! there is ample research and testing done involving how things like diet and lifestyle changes can prolong your life and make you feel younger. The term “reverse aging” is the new buzz word in the industry right now, but the concepts have been around for a very long time. Paying attention to the causes of age related diseases can help us to stop it before it ever gets started. And using products that are derived naturally is the best way to feel good about your reverse aging journey. Thanks for the input and I look forward to answering any other questions.