Supplements and Foods that Reverse Aging Naturally

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Over the past few years I have heard a lot of women asking about what they can do to reverse the signs of aging. Me, being a 57-year-old Grandma of 13, I asked these same questions too. I’ve done a fair share of research trying to find out what I should be doing to slow the process. Here’s a few things I found that were easy to incorporate into my current routine.

As with any change in diet you should always run it by your doctor first.


Consume lots of vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, fruits, nuts and seeds. Vegetables should be the basis of your diet, not potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. Replace these starchy foods more with vegetables, legumes, mushrooms or quinoa. Try the Mediteranian Diet.


Some other things you can incorporate in your routine are listed out here.

1. Turmeric

The main active compound in turmeric is Curcumin. This has been shown to possess powerful cellular protective properties, which are attributed to its potent antioxidant effects. A process called cellular senescence occurs when cells stop dividing. As you age, senescent cells accumulate, which is believed to accelerate aging. Turmeric activates certain proteins that help delay cellular senescence.


Animal studies demonstrate that curcumin combats cellular damage and significantly increases life span. This compound has been shown to postpone age-related disease and alleviate age-related symptoms too.

This may be why turmeric intake is associated with a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline in humans. 


2. Green Tea

A well-known polyphenol compound concentrated in green tea is called EGCG. It offers impressive health benefits, including a reduced risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

Plus, this compound may promote longevity and protect against age-related disease.


EGCG may work by restoring mitochondrial function in cells and acting on pathways involved in aging.

Plus, there may be an association between green tea intake and protection against aging skin, as well as

reduced hyper pigmentation caused by ultraviolet (UV), Click here for Green Tea Supplements

3. Collagen

As you age, the production of collagen — a protein that helps maintain skin structure — slows, leading to accelerated signs of aging like wrinkles. Some research suggests that supplementing with collagen may reduce signs of aging, including wrinkles and dry skin.

Collagen is a key component of the connective tissue that forms our skin, hair, nails, joints, cartilage, and so much more. Often called a “building block”, collagen provides structure, strength, and support to the entire body. It helps our joints move smoothly and helps keep our gut health in good shape.


It’s important for healthy and youthful-looking hair, skin, and nails too. Good foods for Collagen are bone broth, high proteins like, chicken, fish, beans and eggs. There are also great supplements you can take also.

Getting a boost in your collagen intake will greatly benefit your whole body.



4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C functions as a powerful antioxidant in your body, helping to protect cells from oxidative damage. It also plays important roles in immune function, inflammation regulation, and many other processes that are essential to healthy aging

Vitamin C is also essential for skin health. You could see improved skin hydration, stimulate collagen production, and safeguard against wrinkle development and premature aging due to sun exposure
What’s more, some evidence suggests that supplementing with vitamin C improves immune function in older adults


As older adults have a higher risk of deficient vitamin C levels than middle-aged or younger adults, they may want to consider taking supplements — especially if their diet is low in fruits and vegetables.
A skin treatment is another way to get Vit.C. This is a powerful vitamin C and vitamin E facial serum. These skin care ingredients are effective alone, but together they’re extraordinary. The highly potent antioxidant, vitamin E, teams up with pure vitamin C in an age-defying duo that’s better together. 

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5. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a natural occurring polyphenol antioxidant found in grapes, berries, and peanuts, that may promote longevity by activating certain enzymes. Animal studies indicate that reservatrol may increase life span by giving an extra level of protection around your cells.
Supplements have been linked to many exciting health benefits, including protecting brain function and lowering blood pressure.

There are also sources of Reversatrol that can be applied directly to the skin. One to try is Clinical Solutions C+Resveratrol.


Resveratrol seems to influence cholesterol levels by reducing the effect of an enzyme that controls cholesterol production.

As an antioxidant, it also may decrease the oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol. LDL oxidation contributes to plaque buildup in artery wall. Resveratrol is also a powerful antioxidant with great potential. It’s shown promise regarding a variety of health conditions, including heart disease and arthritis.


6. Retinol

Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is an ingredient added to skin creams, lotions and serums. It has anti-aging effects and can also help clear acne. Products containing retinol are widely available over-the-counter.
The ingredient is often credited with being the most effective at battling wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.
Research shows it is effective at clearing up breakouts and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. A note to remember is that you have to build up your tolerance to Retinol by spacing out the days of application in the beginning. As you get past the retinization process the time in between treatments will diminish.This one is the highest amount of retinol you can buy without a prescription.

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There is another great product to try if you are wanting the benefits of retinol as a daily treatment. It’s the Timewise Repair Night Creme with Retinol. It delivers the same power of retinol for restorative benefits while you sleep!!! Put this on before going to bed and you’ll get the best results.


There are many supplements that we can take and many things we can eat or put on our skin for a more youthful and healthier complexion. There are always steps you can take to dramatically stop aging in it tracks. I hope you enjoyed taking a deeper look at supplements and food to reverse aging naturally.

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I'm a 57-year-old Gramma of 13 grand kids!


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Wow, thank you for sharing these valuable insights and tips on reversing the signs of aging! As I approach my 30s, I’ve also started thinking more about the aging process and how to take care of my skin. t’s fantastic to hear from someone with first-hand experience and research on the topic. Incorporating ingredients like turmeric, green tea, collagen, vitamin C, and resveratrol into our routines seems like a promising approach. Aging gracefully is a goal we all strive for, and your advice is certainly helpful

  • Thanks a bunch!! I definitely have experience trying this and that, so I like to share the ones that I’ve tried that work for me. Thanks for leaving me a message. Take care.

    Thank you for sharing this informative post on supplements and foods that can potentially reverse aging naturally. Turmeric and green tea both contain compounds with antioxidant and cellular protective properties, which have been associated with delaying cellular senescence and promoting longevity. It’s interesting to learn about the potential benefits of these natural ingredients.

    I personally enjoy mixing a batch of turmeric and green tea as my option for teas, and find that it’s a good, relaxing after dinner drink that helps me relax.

    That’s awesome! Thank you. I’m going to try that.
    This is the one that I use.